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Sure – we get it, “the best web hosting for small business” is a bold statement to make; but, in our experience the best solutions are those that cover more ground in less space.  We provide complete solutions for the ongoing management and maintenance of your website. 

Our work is special to us, just as yours is to you. When we release our beautiful designs into the world, we want to ensure that they’re well taken care of. We believe that the best web hosting for small business is an all inclusive one. This is why our web hosting services encompass all the essentials to website management.

We ensure that your site grows over time, not only with technology, but also with your brand.  You’re busy working your magic. Allow us to work ours!

Monthly Web Hosting Services

Take the hassle out of building your online presence completely with our managed hosting solutions!  We can develop and host your site, as well as take care of your domain and email hosting. 

Have us incorporate digital marketing campaigns, and you’ve got everything you need to be successful online!  When combined, our monthly services ensure your site is consistently updated to keep it fast, secure and optimized for search engines. 

If not given the proper attention, your website can load and run slowly, turning away your visitors before they’ve had a chance to connect with you. Worse yet, when not properly maintained a website can become plagued with compatibility issues and security vulnerabilities.  Our monthly software updates will maintain website speed, compatibility, and security. 

An SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a security feature that we include with all of our websites. It encrypts communications on your website, protecting both you and your viewers from data breaches. You will know that you are on a secure website when you see the lock symbol (or ‘https’) at the start of the URL in your web browser. 

Your website, domain name, and email addresses all come together within your website hosting package. We wouldn’t be all-inclusive if we didn’t cover DNS management and email address configuration with our hosting services. 

Our monthly management routine always includes backing up your data. This is an additional security measure that gives us the option to roll-back any updates (on the front end or back end) that might have proved problematic. 

Yes, we include website editing in our hosting service! Our basic hosting plan includes up to 30 minutes of general content updates per month. Need to update seasonal hours or swap out a picture? No need to worry about extra charges, just give us a call or send us an email!

How important is choosing the right web hosting provider?

The importance of choosing the right web hosting provider is sometimes overlooked, which can have negative consequences to the performance, and ultimately the organic search rankings of your website.  This can also affect your users with a poor experience, which may lead to a negative first impression of your brand.  It should be taken seriously, as your website is an important investment in your business. Also, if you consider  the fact that page load speed is a big factor in both search engine rankings and user experience, you will understand that choosing a hosting environment that ensures reliability and optimal site speed is extremely important.

Today’s websites that are built in more robust content management systems, among other things, require optimized servers to ensure the sites load as quickly as possible, as well as remain secure from hacks and vulnerabilities.  Many web hosting companies are unreliable, have security issues or poorly optimized servers with bad uptime percentages.  This can be the case with big or small companies.  Companies often don’t keep their PHP versions and other software libraries up to date which can adversely affect website speed, performance and become a security risk.  In addition, the age and types of hardware the company is running should also be taken into consideration.  If your website is being hosted on a bad server, it can ultimately be a bad experience for your visitors, even if the site looks good.

A website is a solid investment into the success of your business and making sure your website is hosted in the best possible environment should be given deep consideration.  Just because you’ve heard of a big company does not mean their web hosting environment is ideal for your website.  Many big domain registrars that offer hosting have poor service.  We take all of these factors into consideration and more, and when you choose to host your website with C.A.N. you will not be disappointed in the results.

Frequently Asked Quesitons

Absolutely! Google is marking all sites without SSL as non secure.  If you are collecting data of any kind through your site: cookies, form data, payment processing.. an SSL certificate adds a layer of protection for both you and your visitors. This is such common practice that not having one can actually turn away some of your audience. 

Rolling backups of both site files and database are created every day.  We maintain the 2 most recent backups, and the oldest copy gets replaced when each scheduled backup performs.

This depends on the depth and clarity of the request, but we guarantee a follow-up within 48 hours with either a confirmation of completion, a request for additional information, or for approval of additional charges (should the request fall beyond the allotted editing parameters included in your contract). 

Our monthly hosting services automatically include 30 minutes of basic edits. 
All additional edit requests will be quoted on a case by case basis. 

It is your website and if you are comfortable doing so, you are certainly welcome to edit it as you please. Upon request, we will provide you with an editors login. For security reasons, this login would not grant access to our hosting servers or back-end website management. 

Not a problem! We will work with you to transfer to our hosting services free of charge!

In the event that you wish to upload your new website to your current hosting provider, we can provide a link to your website files and database. Most hosting providers offer services to help you upload those files to their hosting servers. If you would like us to transfer the site, we do offer data transfers to 3rd party hosting at an additional cost.